Healthy Keto Lifestyle

The ketogenic lifestyle has become very popular with people who want to lose weight. In fact, this lifestyle is so much more than that. For starters, there are various forms of the keto diet. I have narrowed it down to the two most common and with slight adjustments you get the other variations.

Lazy/Dirty Keto - Refers to just eating low carbs and high proteins and not concentrating on nutrition. In this way of keto, you are consuming low-quality fats, fast foods, medium to high glycemic vegetables, and fruit.

Clean Keto - Refers to eating quality ingredients from whole foods. Consuming five to seven cups of vegetables and most importantly high-quality fats like avocado, Extra virgin cold press olive oil, nuts, and seeds with high omega 3 content and fatty fish like salmon and sardines. This lifestyle is perfect for longevity.

My way of Keto is a Healthy style which is clean keto with special attention to nutrition, and quality sourced ingredients, and It's geared to a lifestyle without depravations. I am detailed orientated with having long-lasting energy.  In my way of Keto, there are no withdrawals, low energy, and mood swings.  I am more concerned with the health of your whole body and weight loss becomes a side effect of that. Contact me for a Coaching Consultation.


Join me on Chef Keto Keith's channel.  Here I will be making healthy flavorful easy Keto dishes. You can follow along and when live you can ask questions. I will do live cooking once a week.  

Contact me for a free coaching session. Discover the real truth of what the food is that you are consuming. Let's create a lifestyle that is easy to follow and source.  The idea is once you gain the knowledge, you are equipped to understand how the food industry works. Diets don't work is a very popular statement lately. You will get insights into why this is true and how you can truly create a lifestyle change.  Food is your friend, and you will learn how to eat for energy and well-being, not stress or comfort. 

What You Get With Coaching

  • Which foods are your friend
  • Foods that are not really food
  • Hidden chemicals in your food
  • Eating out the right way
  • Repair your gut and organs 
  • Importance of herbs and oils
  • Are you really ill? or is it what you are eating
  • Releasing dependence on coffee
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